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Our mission ...

is to digitize product experiences

Experience remains key

Consumers are looking for convenience and inspiration. They seek a new way of shopping where the physical experience meets online convenience.

We bring D2C brands the platform to reach out to new customers by showcasing their product physically and integrating the shopping experience with the online world. 

We believe that technology and data are key to unlocking the potential of a new way of shopping

Our technology platform is focusing on replicating the online data capabilities on the offline commercial spaces and ensure an integration between both worlds.

Customers shopping journey includes online and offline interactions. These two worlds need to be joined to create a unique experience and view.  

Our Story

After many years working for online and offline blue-chip retailers, we realized that consumer experience is often forgotten, in favour of shorter goals, mainly sales objectives. As a result, efforts to focus on creating a great shopping experience are usually trumped by the short term transaction.


We decided that to change this, we need to be more disruptive and develop new approaches and business models. And that is how urbanbird was created, with a vocation of creating a new way of engaging customers.

The founders

Stephan and Jesus have worked over 20 years each in the retail space helping online and offline retailers to innovate on their offering by using data and technology platforms. 


Stephan in managing international roles at  DoubleClick (Google), eCircle (Teradata) and (Microsoft) and Jesus as managing director of American Express Big Data arm, emnos GmbH where he consulted on Big Data strategies for leading retail companies, like Carrefour, Kroger, Tesco and Target.

Contact information

urbanbird is a brand of ...


Urban Retail Lab GmbH

Gollierstrasse 70

80339, Munich

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