Discover the new physical retail ...


Experience  retail

We provide a platform to exhibit, manage and monitor your product like never before

Showcase your product so it can be noticed

We help you to inspire and engage customers in premium digitized
shopping locations

Go physical retail and 
keep full control of your product!


Track each aspect of how your product is engaging with customers!

Speed to Market

Your product ready to be exhibited and experienced in just

10 days

No risk 

No need to set up your own store or commit to long contracts

 On demand


Monitor the performance with our store tracking technology and 
Data Analytics 

 Track beyond sales and understand how customers interact exactly with your product and what they have to say about your product

Showcase your product without investing on your own store


Access to
premium spaces
on demand


product digital signage


Your product
surrounded by other
innovative products

Inspire your customers, get them to fall in love with your product and buy wherever they want

Let customers touch and experience  your product

Join the brands that already trust us

Some of our partner brands who are already in the front row

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

“The Urbanbird concept opens up interesting new opportunities for Bosch. The area offers plenty of space for innovative, exciting products that encourage you to linger and arouse the desire for more product information. ”

Benjamin Würth
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH Consumer Products


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